Golf Labels FAQ

Golf Label FAQ

Q.How do I apply my golf labels?

Please take note not to touch the sticky side of the golf label with your hands or fingers and in particular do not touch the sticky part of the clear section of the golf label as this may affect the adherence. Firstly peel off one golf label from the backing sheet by gently lifting a corner of the printed section and lightly gripping the golf label widthways. Hold the shaft of your club vertically and place the left edge of the printed golf label (so that you can read the text on the label ) on your club shaft and carefully wrap the printed section only, around the shaft.When the printed part of the label has completed 360 degrees check the alignment of the label edges on the shaft. The top and bottom edges of the label should be in line. If they are not you may want to carefully remove the label and make any slight adjustments to the angle you first placed the label on the shaft. Once the printed section is aligned then continue to wrap the clear overlay around the printed part of the label taking care not to introduce any creases.

Q.What information can be placed on the golf labels?

You can have up to 4 lines of text. Each line is recommended to have up to 25 characters which includes punctuation and spaces within the 25 characters. Typically your name and phone number are printed but you could add your email details or your postal address could also be included.You can have any readily available text in black of your choice to identify your clubs.

Q.Is it safe to order golf labels through the internet?

When you enter your payment details online you will enter a secure environment.We use PayPal for our online payment and Golf Labels do not see or have access to any credit card information you provide. PayPal has millions of accounts and is available to users in hundreds of markets around the world and is a respected and secure environment.

Q.Are the golf labels permanent?

If you wish to remove the golf labels after use you should find the edge of the clear part of the golf label and carefully remove them from your shaft. We have enabled these golf labels to be removeable as our customers want to be able to sell old clubs and did not want their details left on them. If there is any adhesive remaining then use a little white spirit or a similar solvent to rub off.

Q.There seem to be labels missing?

The sheets of labels sometimes get stuck together so when they arrive check each sheet by rubbing your finger and thumb across the sheets to see if the missing

labels might be stuck to another sheet. It is extremely rare for you to receive the incorrect number of labels.